Light Trails 1.0 // Hands & Face

Light Trails 1.0 // Hands & Face


Keagan in Maboneng #2

Keagan in Maboneng #1

Jozi Sunset

Jozi Sunset #3

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Blinds #1

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Old Cat

Old grumpy cat... but still the best, because it's a cat

Old grumpy cat… but still the best, because it’s a cat

Kruger National Park

So I finally bought a lens big enough to get some decent wildlife shots… trouble is, these damn animal don’t keep still, or pose in the right spots! Wildlife photography is super tough – I have a new found respect for the guys that get it right. Here are some of my first attempts. More to come when I head to Botswana in September.


Male Lion Yawning

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Jungle Cat

Cece The Jungle Cat

Our cat Cece playing in the apartment gardens. It’s her little jungle!

Cape Town Winter Sun

Winter Sun

Keagan enjoying the Cape Town winter sun

New Stuff. Finally.

Hell it’s been over a year since I posted pics. Crazy! I guess posting to Instagram has become the norm and, well… easier. Here are some pics I took of my girlfriend Keagan for her style blog. It’s called Gold Creatures – check it out here


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