Zebra & Giraffe “Sons” Music Video Shoot

A photo of me taken by my girlfriend Keagan Kingsley Green.

Greg Carlin – “Sons” Music Video Shoot

Alan portrait

Undo These Lies – Music Video

This video was shot by myself, Alan Shenton of Z&G, and a friend Wesley Vinay early one morning in a forest in Barberton. We only had about 3 hours shooting time and zero budget. I edited it using Final Cut. Hope you enjoy.

Van Coke Kartel + Zebra & Giraffe = Haal Asem Kwagga Tour

We’ve decided to embark on a joint tour of South Africa with our good buddies Van Coke Kartel this August and we really needed a press shot for all the papers, blogs, websites and magazines. I was given the task of trying to get a photo of all nine of us together. It was pretty tough as I only had the morning to think up an idea + we had only managed to get 2 lights (thanks Rudi :)) for the shoot. In the end the lights weren’t enough to reach all of us so I just used the modelling lamps in the background of these shots and the rest was the natural light from a window and a few spots on the ceiling. I also had to be in the photo myself so I managed to set it up, frame it, focus and then got our friend Tammy to fire away with the camera on a tripod. Below is the result + a few others I took while the guys where chilling…

I also took this as a portrait option just in case – pretty simple – all natural light from a window and some bounced flash off the ceiling…

USA Trip

I recently returned from a trip to the USA with my band Zebra & Giraffe. We played a showcase gig in Hollywood and then spent the next 2 weeks checking out LA, Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe, San Francisco and all the spots in between. Here are some photos I took.

Zebra & Giraffe – End of the Road Music Video Shoot

We recently shot a new music video for our single ‘End of the Road’ – here are some behind the scenes pics :)

Mine Dump Test Shots

Through the Yashica TLR

So Mike (Zebra & Giraffe keyboardist) went to fetch his Yashica SLR today after being repaired and he decided to buy a Yashica TLR (for a mere R250). He brought it back to the studio and we decided to shoot a few photos through the viewfinder. I didn’t have a macro lens so I couldn’t get all the way in but the photos look pretty cool with the border and blurred floor…

Anechoic Chamber

“An anechoic chamber is a room designed to stop reflections of either sound or electromagnetic waves. They are also insulated from exterior sources of noise. The combination of both aspects means they simulate a quiet open-space of infinite dimension, which is useful when exterior influences would otherwise give false results.” (Wikipedia)

There’s a bit of jargon for you! hehe… the reason? The studio complex we are recording the new Zebra & Giraffe album in has one of these rooms and we paid it a lil visit… Brought the camera along and took some photos. It was almost pitch black inside so shot with a flash on H2 ISO so the photos are really grainy but have a nice feel :)

Pre Production at RBF Studios, Johannesburg

So we’re busy working on pre production for the 2nd Zebra & Giraffe album at RBF Studios at the SABC in Auckland Park, Johannesburg. I took a few shots while Alan was recording guitar with our producer Darryl Torr. Also a couple of shots of Tammy his assistant and one of the drive in…