Exhibition + Work For Sale

oDD Cafe in Greenside is showing my very first exhibition as a photographer – the work will be up until January next year so pop by if you’d like to check it out! Below is all the work on show. Most of the works are in a series of 5 prints (unframed, signed, numbered and printed on 180gm archival paper) and in various sizes. Please contact me here or Christina here about purchasing work.


Greg Carlin – A1 Innocent Beach

Greg Carlin – A1 Shadowclub

Greg Carlin – A1 Smiley

Greg Carlin – A1 Bakoven Rocks


Greg Carlin – A2 Yashica Square

Greg Carlin – A2 Bakoven Rocks #2


Greg Carlin – A3 Elgin Valley Forest

Greg Carlin – A3 Lonely Umbrella


Greg Carlin – A4 Venice Beach Skater

Greg Carlin – A4 Jozi Graffiti Bench

Greg Carlin – A4 Odd Cafe-Openroom Studios

Greg Carlin – A4 Anechoic Chamber

Greg Carlin – A4 Jesus

Greg Carlin – A4 Hoodlums

Greg Carlin – A4 Ubuntu

Greg Carlin – A4 Robberg

13 Responses to Exhibition + Work For Sale
  1. GCL

    Awesome shots Greg!!

  2. greg

    Thanks Gina! :)

  3. Cany Bugler

    Greg you are so talented – awesome pics.

  4. renee frouws

    beautiful body of work greg.

  5. Emma Jane

    How much is an A1 or A2 print?

  6. greg

    A1 – R1350
    A2 – R1080

  7. Jac Hanekom

    WOW ! Well done Greg ! Beautiful stuff !

  8. Sherene Hustler

    some beautiful shot – loving the treatment, best wishes fo your exhibition Greg!

  9. Sherene Hustler

    sorry half of that did not make any sense at all…

    i meant to say, i love the colour treatments on some of the images..

  10. Frank

    Gosh that is expensive for those photos. Goodness.

  11. Leigh

    Great shots!

  12. greg

    Expensive? Haha not really…

  13. Frank

    Greg I think you misunderstood. Expensive for what you would be getting, overpriced considering the quality of the photos. Really not worth that much at all. Of course that is just my opinion.
    Good luck for your exhibition.

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