Sun Star at Night

Finally headed up to the Sun Star at night! It was pretty misty but it lifted for a few minutes and I got some cool shots!

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Sun Star

Went up to the Sun Star ((Signal Hill, Cape Town) on a misty morning. Shot a few photos… definitely need to head up there at night!

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Sun Star Full

Sun Star Detail #1

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Keagan in Maboneng #2

Keagan in Maboneng #1

Jozi Sunset

Jozi Sunset #3

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Kruger National Park

So I finally bought a lens big enough to get some decent wildlife shots… trouble is, these damn animal don’t keep still, or pose in the right spots! Wildlife photography is super tough – I have a new found respect for the guys that get it right. Here are some of my first attempts. More to come when I head to Botswana in September.


Male Lion Yawning

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